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The mission - Overhaul the original blog to showcase the author's books and blog posts.

The purpose - This client reaches readers through his content. He is an excellent writer and likes to showcase his talent.

His content and pages are optimized so that his content is favorable with search engines.

Subscribers - Growing his subscriber list is also important to him. He attracts new subscribers via targeted content which shows up in search engines.

His audience are readers, intellectual types who are interested in current issues. They are not big on lots of photos. Therefore, this website is text heavy.

Example of a content rich website


This client wanted to showcase different areas of interest on his menu to make it easy for his readers to navigate. Some of his topics were categorized and placed in a dropdown menu. This is a great way to make your menu look neat and tidy.


Website sidebar




As an incentive to potential subscribers this client likes to host giveaways so we created a sidebar and added his offerings there.









 Mission accomplished.

"I am still in awe when I look through the website you created….a marvelous piece of creative work.

Thank you all over again"



Platform: Wordpress

Maintenance + Care - Plugin updates, SSL certificate renewal, email list management, SEO optimized content updates and troubleshooting.


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