ECommerce Website

The mission - Complete rebuild of an ecommerce website.

The problem - The old website was penalized by search engines because it was very outdated. Texts overlapped each other, images were small and blurry and there was no optimization.

The solution - We took new hi-def photos, optimized them and placed them on a white background. We formatted the product descriptions in a way that made it easier for customers to read by using bullet points and making use of white space.

A Muzda ecommerce

The aesthetics - Instead of using a text link to encourage shoppers to buy we used bold call-to-action buttons.

A Muzda shop page

A Muzda home with chat
We added a handy chat section on the right so clients can send a direct message to the owner from the website.

The results - The website is up to code. All images and texts are SEO optimized giving the products a better chance of being found by any search engine. Sales have improved and so has the number in email subscribers.
As of this writing this is how the site appears on the Search Engine Results Page (results may vary).

A Muzda in Edge search engine

Platform: GoDaddy
Maintenance + Care: Update price changes, add new content, troubleshoot, manage email list, send out newsletters.
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