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Disclosure - This is my website.

The mission - Mostly showcase my work as an author but also shows a little about my other interests.

The Story - I wanted a place to park my author properties. I use this when I do blog tours or if I do anything that is writing related.

The audience - Fans of my written work.

Best use -  If you have one product that you'd like to focus on, this is the type of website to consider. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. Don't think that you'll get stuck with it if your company grows or if you want to diversify. This website, like most websites can be turned into an ecommerce store or expanded to suit your needs.

Gillian Felix website example
The homepage is broken into different sections. The one above shows my most recent work.

Reading guide by Gillian Felix
This section shows the reading order for the novels in my Family Portrait series.

Platform: Wordpress
Maintenance + Care: Site updates
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