Website Design & Care

Website Design

Think of website design like fashion. You won't wear gym clothes to a wedding, so when considering your website think about its purpose. 

Informational / brochure type websites

Some websites are informational, like this website. You will notice there are no bells and whistles. You are seeking information and I want to give that to you. This type of website are great for Doctors, Lawyers, restaurants, etc. 

The care associated with this type of website depends on the platform you are using. If you are using a website builder like Wordpress you may need plugin updates or theme updates. Either way there are yearly SSL updates, content updates or additions. Backups are always recommended.

Blog type websites

Example of a blog style website

Blog type websites are more personal, and are great for authors, events, yoga instructors etc. Here is a visual of this type of website. This client wants to showcase his novels through regular blog posts showing off his writing skills. Even though his core topic is on climate change and fracking, he builds engagement with his audience by writing about his hiking adventures and other beliefs. 

The care this client receives are yearly SSL installation, plugin updates, backups, SEO and social media management.

Hybrid - Cross between a blog and informational website

Goldfinch Wellness slider 

What do you get when you cross an informational website and a blog? This client is a wellness coach. She had a lot of information but didn't want it to be too formal. The solution: Break up the content in a fun creative way.with sliders, CTA buttons and photo grids. Check it out here.

The care is client receives is very minimal since she likes to do things on her own. Through our coaching she went from not knowing anything about websites to learning how to update plugins, add content and optimize photos.

Simple and Elegant

Elegant website design

This client never had a website. She's had the domain for a long time but didn't know what she wanted. I had her send me photos of what she wanted on the website. I noticed that she wore a lot of pastel colors and pitched her the idea of pastels for the website. Since her business targets women and her copy had soft, nurturing undertones she agreed and here is the result.

The care this client receives are content updates. Sometimes she may need to change a panel or add new pages or create a new template.


Ecommerce website example

This was one of my favorite websites to work on (don't tell the others). This website was a COMPLETE makeover. The challenge was that the website needed to be up and running while the makeover was happening. All the photos needed to be updated. It is 2 websites in one, there is an ecommerce part and an informational part

The care: Product updates, shipping updates, price changes, SEO, photo optimization. Email marketing.

The Showcase

Show case type website

This website is a book lovers' paradise. The purpose is to showcase authors and their most recent releases. 

The care: Plugin updates, SEO, content creation, marketing, email list management, giveaways, photo optimization, tech issues, Bing Analytics. 


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