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How to pay yourself when you are building your business

So, you've been wanting to start your business for years. You've done your research, put together your business plan, perhaps you've even raised capital or maybe you're risking your savings to pursue your dream. You're ready to turn the sign on the door to open. Your new reality looks like this: 16 hour days, non-existent weekends, grabbing a quick bite while you work, you spend more time than you'd like updating that thing that constantly needs updating. You don't have a team because you're a solopreneur (that's all your budget will allow). Your carefree dreams have morphed into: contemplating your latest marketing strategy, how to 10X your service, solving a problem for your client, your next client meeting, or insert how your business keeps you up.

Girlfriend, I know. I've been there. As entrepreneurs we work ourselves to the bone because the idea of a 9 to 5 behind a desk, bad lighting and annoying co-workers sends chills down our spine. With a regular job at least we're guaranteed a salary at the end of the month, but this journey we're on doesn't guarantee any sort of compensation in the beginning, but we chug along anyway. 

How can you even think about paying yourself when you spend your nights mentally balancing your budget to make sure you have enough to keep the lights on each month?

As a solopreneur it's nice to be monetarily compensated, but when you are starting out that may not be possible for at least a few months. Here are a few ideas to 'pay' yourself while you are building your business:

  1. Treat yourself to an indulgent bubble bath. Light a scented candle, fill the tub with warm water and extra foamy, rose or lavender bubble bath.
  2. Make a plan to STOP working at lunchtime at least 1 day a week to take yourself on a picnic in the park. (I know it's hard but you can do it.)
  3. Unplug. At least one day a week (I recommend Wednesday because it's the halfway point in the week so you get a nice boost for the other days ahead). Work an 8 hour day then leave the business alone. Don't think about it, don't take calls, read emails or do anything business related.
  4. Listen to music. Preferably tunes you haven't heard in a while. The goal is to take you back in time, to happier days and fun memories.
  5. Meet a friend or partner for an evening walk
  6. Call a friend you've been meaning to call. Be present in the conversation.
  7. Join a yoga class
  8. Take yourself to the movies. There's something a little naughty about going to a movie on a week day or night.
  9. Give or receive a massage.
  10. Volunteer.

Mix and match these ideas however you see fit. The idea is to pay yourself in health and wellness points. These little investments will help your business because when you are healthy and balanced, ideas flow, you attract opportunity and you make better decisions.

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